Many organizations have entrusted Platinum International Consultants to search for the highest quality talent with the capability to attain new heights. As a leader in search and recruitment services, Platinum’s talent solutions help our clients in achieving their business goals. One of today’s single most pressing challenges in recruitment is identifying the right talent who will make a positive difference in your organization. With our experience and in-depth industry knowledge, Platinum is able to offer our client the right solution to address this challenge. Our consultants are market experts in their industry fields and are able to work as a team to help spot candidates who will make a difference in our client’s organization. We adopt a highly collaborative and team-oriented approach with clients. Our team of consultants and researchers partner with our clients in providing the most innovative and effective search strategy that delivers candidates of the highest quality.

Contingent Search

Platinum undertakes contingent searches on behalf of clients, helping to identify, qualify and present a specific selection of candidates suitable for the given mandate.

We understand that your needs are often time sensitive, requiring a quick and spot-on response without compromising on quality. Platinum constantly seeks to find candidates who have the best blend between technical ability and cultural fit within the client’s unique culture.

In the quest to achieve this, Platinum will utilize various channels in reaching the right candidates:

  • Our Proprietary Database
  • In-depth Research and Search team capability
  • Candidate referrals and market networking

Retained Search

For some of your highly confidential or senior executive positions, you may want to consider using Platinum’s retained search services. We will operate on an exclusive basis and will be fully committed to successfully filling the position for you. We will work very closely with you to adopt an agreed methodology to find the best person for the job. Retained Search is a very rigorous process and our client can expect a shortlist of high quality candidates within a stipulated time frame. Retained search is best utilized when:

  • The position is for an executive or senior leadership position (VP through C-level) with significant impact on the future of your company
  • The skill sets you are seeking are highly specialized and scarce in the marketplace
  • You want dedicated resources to address your hiring needs
  • You want a strategy for identifying, screening, evaluating, and hiring the best candidate
  • You are not familiar with the new market you are entering into or you want to identify potential candidates outside of your immediate market
  • You MUST fill the position within a certain timeline
  • The search is highly confidential and absolute discretion is needed during the search process