Project Recruitment

Utilizing our results-driven search methodology, we have the capability to deliver the right talent in the right numbers and in the right location – in the agreed timeline. We can quickly assemble a project team to fill your needs for large scale permanent or a one-off talent solution to support new growth in your business.

Platinum project recruitment solutions offer you:

  • Dedicated Support – a team leader will manage all the entire process on your behalf, from talent sourcing and research through screening and selection. You get our full commitment and best-in-class expertise in ensuring great success for the recruitment project
  • Delivery Commitment Recruitment Process – we deliver the right talent in good time, without compromising on quality or any of our standards
  • The Right Recruitment Strategy – tailored to your needs, in line with your culture and processes


Platinum’ proven recruitment process has helped many organizations grow to its fullest potentials. We are able to offer our expertise in recruitment to help you assess your entire talent acquisition process and implementing sound solutions to improve your efficiency in recruiting highly qualified and sought-after talent who can bring immediate contributions to your company.

We look into every aspect of your recruitment process and provide insights and practical suggestions to help you gain a competitive edge in talent acquisition over other key players in the market.

Contact us to see how we can advise you on what we do best.


Our HR Advisory team provides a full service consultancy practice that can help you get the most out of your workforce strategy and HR systems. We can help you to develop HR Management strategies and effectively implementing them into your business operations. We will help you to pinpoint barriers and anticipate issues so that you can execute your strategies to the full extent to gain maximum benefits out of them.