Why Use Platinum?

Platinum insists on the highest ethical standards and professionalism in all its consultants. Our unwavering support and dedication in adhering to the highest possible standards as well as our commitment in establishing a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership has propelled us to be the advisor of choice among leading companies seeking counsel on their talent recruitment needs.

In-depth Industry Understanding / Local Knowledge

Our consultants are specially selected and trained to gain in-depth understanding of our clients’ industries. We are grouped in practices and work in teams in sharing knowledge to ensure focus and specialization Also, our consultants speak the languages, understand the cultures and know the actual facts of the relevant local markets.

Strong Database and Industry Contacts

Our search process and sophisticated networks provide us with the ability to maintain a strong and updated database. We maintain close industry contacts to keep on top of the latest market changes and talent movements. This information will enable us to shortlist the best possible candidates in the targeted industry within the shortest possible timeframe. 

Borderless Approach

Our company is committed to fulfill the unique requirements of each search, regardless of geographic location. Operating as one ‘borderless team’ across offices, we have developed a way of working together to deliver efficiency and results for rigorous multi-country assignments.


In the course of our searches, we are able to gain access to valuable and sensitive information. We are trained to handle such information. We maintain the highest level of respect for confidentiality and ethics.

Repeat Business and Long Term Partnership

We pledge to bring true value to all searches and recruitment projects we take on. We have built strong and long-lasting partnerships with many global companies, continually providing them with quality candidates that meet their specific talent needs.

Value Added Services

Besides recruiting the right talent for our clients, Platinum is also able to conduct tailored market research and surveys to draw valuable industry insights that will allow our clients to optimally align their business strategies in bringing their organizations to new heights.