Our Methodology

Platinum is highly committed to our proven search methodology, which forms the essence of our entire search process. We adopt a multi-dimensional approach in our searches and utilize multiple search channels to attain a seamless and thorough coverage into the available talent pool. We seek to surface highly qualified candidates for each particular search and we take into consideration all tangible and intangible factors, which eventually helps in maximizing the success of the search partnership with our clients.

For all search assignments, Platinum works closely with our clients to clearly define the job specifications that are critical to the success of the recruitment. We will also gain a clear understanding of their corporate structure, history, culture and dynamics. This key information will serve as the basis to refine the direction of the search.

We will proceed to develop a search strategy that specially caters to the requirements of each client. We will focus our research into those companies and fields to identify candidates best qualified for the role. We adopt a multi-channel sourcing strategy, namely: proprietary database, industry networks and systematic research to attain a deeper reach into the targeted candidate pool most relevant to our clients.

All targeted candidates will be thoroughly assessed against the requirements defined by our clients. Informal reference checks will be conducted to verify key information.

When the client has identified their preferred candidate, our consultants will conduct thorough referencing to further validate suitability and competencies. At the same time, Platinum will manage the preferred candidate’s expectations in line with industry practices. We will also provide our expertise in structuring and negotiating the right compensation package.

All newly hired candidates will be under constant monitoring to ensure performance and fit. We will follow up with candidates and clients at regular intervals.

Flow Chart

Step 1: Get To Know Our Client
  • Understand Client’s Organization
  • Ensure clear understanding of client’s business strategies and competition landscape
  • Develop in-depth understanding of client's corporate structure, history, culture and dynamics
Step 2: Determine Job Objectives & Specifications
  • Understand Job objectives and business challenges
  • Align client’s expectations with current market situation
  • Create Position Profile which serve as the directional basis for our search
Step 3: Customize Search Plan
  • Develop search strategy catering to unique requirements defined by client
  • Identify suitable channels of search
  • Review the search plan with client
Step 4: Identify & Assess Candidates
  • Utilize multiple channels (namely, proprietary database, industry network and systematic research) in identifying qualified candidates
  • Actively market the job opportunity and client’s organization to attract high caliber talent
  • Assess candidates against the requirements defined by our client
  • Conduct informal reference check to verify key information
  • Presentation of Reports – Detailed candidates profiles and latest market intelligence, if required
Step 5: Interview & Employment
  • Facilitate entire interviewing process
  • Obtain feedback from client and candidates to effectively manage the interview progress
  • Play a mediatory role in handling sensitive issues that may arise
  • Manage and ensure that expectations are in line with industry practices
  • Conduct thorough referencing to validate competency and suitability prior to making an offer
  • Actively assist client in structuring and negotiating the right compensation package to attract the most suitable candidate
Step 6: Follow Up
  • Closely monitor performance and fit
  • Ensure smooth transition
  • Assist client in ironing out any sensitive issue that may arise
  • Gather client’s feedback to ensure satisfaction