Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does your firm identify qualified candidates?

The very first steps toward a successful recruitment: possessing a very clear understanding of the position, the client and the job challenges. Platinum utilizes multiple channels in identifying qualified candidates for our clients. We do not adopt a fixed approach for any of our search assignment. Gathering critical market information via different channels, allows us to understand which executives are potentially hirable candidates. Our consultants then contact the potential candidates and investigate their interest in the position. We interview those who are interested and assess their suitability in greater depth.

2. Are all searches confidential?

Some searches are confidential and for such projects, client’s identity is only revealed at the secondary stage of the process. For searches that are not sensitive, client’s identity is usually used to attract qualified candidates. In such instances, Platinum is able to share information, change negative perceptions about our client and address concerns on the spot.

3. How are the shortlisted candidates being presented? One at a time, as developed or as an entire slate?

Platinum adopts a highly versatile approach in addressing clients’ needs. For certain time critical assignments, Platinum is able to customize its process and present qualified candidates on a progressive manner, as developed. In usual cases, Platinum will present the final list of qualified candidates at the end of the committed period.

4. When are reference checks conducted? Are the candidates aware?

Formal reference checks are only conducted at the final stage of the search process when both the client and the identified candidate have expressed strong interest in moving forward. Formal Reference checks by Platinum will not be conducted without the prior knowledge of the candidates.

5. Do you represent job seekers?

Platinum does not represent job-seekers. We work for our clients’ interests and only act for organizations which use us.

6. How to select a search firm?

Client has a vast choice of search firms to work with, and it is critical that your organization picks the right one for your assignment. Client needs to probe and ask many questions in selecting the right search partner:

  • Does the firm understand your organization, the position, the culture and the environment?
  • Will the consultant be a credible ambassador for your organization?
  • Do you have the right chemistry with the consultants working on your assignment?
  • Does the firm have a reputation for high quality work?
  • Are client reference available?
  • What is the expected timeline for the search?